Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Meaning of Working Hard and Playing Hard

So we all have heard of the saying work hard and play hard, is what you need to do to live life to the fullest. Or at least have balance in your life. So what do you think this means? 
 Most people have grown up with an understanding of what it means to work hard. This is something that is demonstrated on a daily basis by people in every field. The online world is no different. In fact if you have products online that can be purchased by potential customers, working hard is really figuring out how to make what your doing more interesting and attractive to your client base. 
There are a lot of people that claim to have this knowledge under their hat. The reality is that these techniques are all needed to diversify your marketing. To execute the work can be tedious. 
What I found, because I have grown as a businessman, is that purchasing high quality traffic is the best leveling agent. The Traffic Authority traffic is top tier traffic that has been tested for the persons interest level in an opportunity, new product or service.


 This is huge because its real people that are opting in (potentially your page for more info)
So this is working smart and hard. The hard part if you take this path is to plug people into the calls and webinars that are already running. Making extra content to explain to people the importance of people to do the same thing is maybe the only thing that would considered "hard work" or is it? Traffic Authority provides the emails that you would be needing to send out to your list anyway, so then its a matter of copy and paste. One of the awesome things about using Traffic Authority to simplify the heavy lifting is the other tools at your disposal to ensure that you can get the most out of the traffic in the traffic packages. The other tools are the Traffic Academy and the Traffic Optimizer. The ability to sell traffic if you choose uses the re-seller license, to have all three as a powerful combo, is $144.00 per month.  The value you have access to and the quality traffic is invaluable when building a business.

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Okay, so now you may be wondering well what about having fun,.. what does that entail? Well we also, provide access to an awesome membership with World Ventures this gives you the ability to have access to wholesale travel with awesome perks and discounts included in the membership. This is also a opportunity to build a very nice passive income from helping others to have the same access.
I can't say how awesome of a company World Ventures is and how great the tools are in our group that you can use to help market the business, if that is what you want to do. By no means must you be a marketer of this opportunity, you can just have a membership. Gold or Platinum. Of course, I use my Traffic Authority traffic to build my list here also. Very awesome. To find more about this go to Team REAL-Freedom

So there you have it the perfect 1 & 2 punch that will really provide an exciting life.  I sincerely hope that this blog, will help those that maybe are hesitant with an opportunity or don't know where to start. Of course, using the Traffic Authority product will help you build up your list no matter what the opportunity. Make sure to check all this out for yourself,.... >>>
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