Friday, August 14, 2015

Why Learn About Traffic

Traffic in all honesty, is like one of the single most important reasons for the success or failure of any marketer. I remember having a job when I lived in Florida where I would be contacting homeowners about refinancing their house. If I did not make a certain amount of calls in a day, then they would send you home. Then if you were sent home a certain amount of times then you would be fired. It was crazy, they paid like 20 per hour but your time there could be short lived.

I actually did better than expected and stayed there for about a month. The experience was good in as far as under pressure sales and reading a script on a cold call. I realized that people no matter if they really wanted what was being sold or not may, hang up the phone, just because they don't know you. So breaking the ice in today's time is social media. Then when there is a certain comfort level then a person will buy or be repeat customers.

Traffic authority training and tools will help you shape the type of lead that will be more inclined to be the right lead. 
This is an important distinction. Especially 
If your someone that does not have a warm invite list or very few. I think it's very one track minded telling people to 
start prospecting family and friends.
This could render some people totally useless. A business needs to know how to continuously go out and find or attract people that would be the right repeat customer. Only Traffic Authority can give
the right tools, training and traffic that will help your marketing efforts. 

So don't delay Traffic Authority is in prelaunch mode until the 19th then the doors open. To understand more about this, just view here...

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